TTÜ materjaliteaduste kompetentside rakendamine ettevõttes (ingl. keeles), Pavel Malõskin, Artech Carbon OÜ

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2. What is SPM?

9. Co domain cut

10. Electric isolation of the parts Courtesy: A. Temiriazev

13. Application example Topography image of gold film functionalized with thiophenol molecules. Distance dependence of TERS spectra intensity and typical spectra.

6. Scratching and force lithography Contact mode scratching Film hardness 600 MPa Courtesy Emil Huseinov

8. Optical properties of a grating 50x50 um, 100 - nm period 75х68 um, different periods Optical images Courtesy:A. Temiriazev

17. Thank you! +7 (926) 295 68 32 Pavel Malyshkin

14. Market Cooperation 50M$/year partner Manufacturer of RAMAN equipment 10M$/year partner Manufacturer of TERS systems Artech Carbon OÜ Probe manufacturer 50K$/year

5. Long Scanning 6 meter path in contact mode 5 N/m Cantilever Mosaic size 1x1 mm Co film on Si Courtesy: A. Temiriazev

1. Tip - Enhanced RAMAN Spectroscopy (TERS) Probe Development Project in Artech Carbon OÜ June 6, 2017 Tallinn

15. Technological cooperation Artech Carbon OÜ: Manufacturing technology , equipment 10M$/year business partner: applications and quality control Tallinn Tehnikaülikool: R&D focus, equipment, services Universitas Tarturensis: Applications and quality control Cooperation agreement from 2013 Distribution agreement from 2014 ?? ?? Moscow State University: Manufacturing equipment

3. Single Crystal Diamond AFM Probes Tip material – diamond, <100> along the tip axis The tip is specially grown and glued to Si cantilever Glue is non - conducting, temperature stability - 70 ° C Tip radius 10 nm Tip height 12..14 um Tip cone angle 10 ° ( 5:1 )

4. Featuring Applications • Long life and forgiving operation mistakes in tapping and contact modes while providing high resolution • I maging high aspect ratio features on surface • Мechanical measurements on hard surfaces • N anoindentation, scratching, force lithography

12. TERS probes made by Artech Carbon • TERS is known for more than 15 years. • However, there were no regular sales of TERS probes until 2014 when Artech Carbon with its partners brought its solution to the market for 200 USD/tip. • Manufacture costs: 20 USD/tip. OEM sale price: 100 USD/tip. • In 2016, the market becomes competitive as Ag - coated probes announced by Horiba Scientific.

11. TERS project: chronology • Summer 2014: Artech Carbon gets a special order on TERS - active probes • Spring 2015: preliminary project, supported by EAS, fund: 6000 Eur. • First sales of TERS - active probes via our partner in 2015. • Jan - Dec 2016: second project, supported by EAS, fund: 29 050 Eur. • Artech Carbon’s sales of TERS - active probes to the partner are about 45 000 Eur in 2016.

16. Next step Horiba: Horiba has both Au and Ag coated TERS probe s made by applying coatings on Si probes. Large tip radius: about 300 nm. Bruker: promises “a t least 5 out of 10 probes reach >10 x contrast ” , works only with STM tuning fork type IRIS systems. NT - MDT (Spectrum): Au coating technology on Si no regular sales. Artech Carbon’s technology provides stable amplification from tip to tip, on some samples reaching 50x. The technology is only stable with Au. Use of Ag may improve the sensitivity of TERS method about 4 - 6 times. Ag – based probes were prototyped in 2015. Stable production is requested by the partner. Competitors Artech Carbon


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